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Our Automotive Services Include:


•Antique Auto 

Key Generation 

Some Original &  Aftermarket Parts Available 

•Motorcycles & Quads Key

•Transponder Keys Programming Available For Some Models 

•Commercial Vehicles 

Utility Bodies Cabinet Lock 

Trailer Locks 

•Tractors & Construction Equipment 

• Snowmobiles & Water Sports Equipment

• Boat 


We do not offer 24/7 emergency automobile opening service at this time. All auto service MUST be pre scheduled and done in the office. No roadside service is available at this time. 

If you will be calling to schedule any type of automotive repair service, please review the information in this area. Please review all of the sections that are listed, because more that one section may apply. 

There are several different sections to pick from. The information in section #1 will be required for all types of inquires & service. The remaining sections are broken down into various types of service requests. The questions in each section are designed to help provide us with the appropriate information. Please collect & have this information available before you call & request service and / or pricing.

1) General info
2) Lost / missing keys 
3) Ignition repairs
4) Door lock repair 
5) Trunk & Tailgate lock repairs
6) Motorcycles - lost keys or lock repairs
7) Quads & other sports equipment
8) Auxiliary auto equipment (Truck tool boxes, cargo carriers)
9) Other thing that may affect your key turning in the ignition

The following information will be needed for any type of vehicle service request.
1) The year, make & model of the vehicle.
2) The body style of the vehicle.
(2 door, 4 door, sedan, hatchback, crew cab etc.)
3) The manufacture date.
Note: This information is usually on a sticker that is located on the driver’s door or on the body post by the driver’s door. This sticker also has the vehicle VIN number, vehicle weight, tire size & tire inflation information. This information is usually in a month / year format. Some manufactures do make mid year changes, so it’s important to know if the vehicle was built in April or October of that year. 
4) Are there any additional keys available for the vehicle? 
Are they at a different location than the vehicle?
(Maybe with a family member, who is out of the area?)
5) Did you need more that one key to operate all of the locks on the vehicle?
EX. (1) key for all of the locks on the vehicle
(1) key for the ignition & (1) key for both the doors & trunk
(1) key for the ignition & door & (1) key for the trunk
(1) door lock that is different than all of the other locks on the vehicle

The following additional information will be required if all of the keys for the vehicle are missing / lost & a new key will have to be made from scratch. 
1) Drivers / vehicle operator’s license & ID
2) Vehicle owner’s license & ID
3) Vehicle registration & insurance card or title
4) New or used vehicle dealer license & vehicle title, if it still on the sales lot.
5) Rental contract if applicable
Note: If the vehicle is a rental, has the rental company been contacted? They may have an extra key or be able to provide the key code number for the vehicle.

Ignitions repairs
1) What type of transmission? Manual or Automatic 
2) Where is the shifter mounted? On the floor or the column.
3) Does the key turn in the switch, but nothing happens?
4) Is this a sudden problem, or has it been getting progressively harder to turn over time?
5) Do you have more that (1) key for the ignition switch? If you answer yes,
Have you tried the other key(s) in the switch? 
Do they all act the same way?
6) Do you have a remote starter installed on the vehicle?

Doors lock repairs
1) Are the door locks electrically operated or strictly mechanical?
2) Do you have a key chain remote to open the doors / tail gate?
Does it operate the door locks? If the answer is no,
Have you changed the battery in the remote?
3) When was the last time you used a key in the door lock cylinder to unlock the vehicle?
4) Will the key go into the lock cylinder, but not turn?
5) Will the key turn in the cylinder, but the lock will not operate?
6) Is there a lock cylinder on the right side / passenger’s side of the car?
7) Is the lock cylinder built into the handle assembly, or is it mounted separately?

Trunk / Tailgate lock repairs
1) Do you have a key chain remote? Does it operate / open the trunk locks?
2) Is there an in vehicle floor mounted manual release? Does this operate / open the trunk?
3) Is there an auxiliary electric release switch on the dash or in the glove box?
Does this switch operate / open the trunk lock? 
Note: some of these auxiliary switches require the vehicle to be running? 
4) When was the last time you used a key in the trunk lock cylinder to open the trunk lid / tailgate?
5) Will the key go into the lock, but not turn?
6) Will the key turn in the cylinder, but the lock will not operate?
7) Is there a fold down back seat that will allow access into the trunk?
8) Is the key cylinder mounted / located in the trunk lid or in the rear body panel?

1) Are there any additional locks on the motorcycle, other than the ignition switch?
(Saddle bags, helmet lock, seat lock, fork lock)
2) Did any of these additional locks operate with the same key as the ignition?

Quads & other sports equipment (snowmobiles & water sports equipment) 
Note: Most of these vehicles have just an ignition switch.
1) The year & model number are very important.

Auxiliary Auto Equipment

Truck tool boxes (Delta, Dee Zee & others)
1) Is the tool box locked or unlocked?
2) Is the lock & the release handle to open the tool box two separate items, or do you push in on the lock to release / open the tool box lid?
3) Is there a number stamped on the face of the lock or on the lock body?
4) If you had a key, was it a single sided key or a double sided key?

Truck caps
1) Is the handle “T” or “L” shaped?
2) Is there a number stamped on the face of the lock?
3) Is there more that (1) handle? If yes, did they open / operate with the same key?
4) On the interior of the door / lid, are there exposed mounting screws for the “T” handle? If you can see these mounting screws, please measure the distance between these screws. The (2) normal / common distances are 1 ½ inches & 1 ¾ inches.
5) Is the handle a paddle or “D” ring style?
6) If the handle is a paddle style, does it automatically lock when the door is closed? 
7) If the handle is a paddle style lock, is it part of a round or square housing body? 
8) Is there a manufacture name on the truck cap or on the lock assembly?
9) If you had a key, was it a single sided key or a double sided key?

Truck utility bodies
1) How many doors or compartments are there?
2) Are the release handles a paddle type latch assembly or a “D” ring which needs to be turned?
3) Is there a number stamped on the face of the lock(s)?
4) Are the numbers the same on all of the doors / compartments?

Roof top carriers (Thule, Bearcraft & others)
1) Is there a number stamped on the face of the lock or on the lock body?
2) What is the manufacture name?
3) If you had a key, was it a single sided key or a double sided key?

Other things that may affect your key turning in the ignition switch
1) Are the tires / wheels turned all the way to the left or right?
2) Are the tires against a parking stop block or curb?
3) Is the steering wheel locked? 
4) Is your vehicle parked on a hill?
Any of these conditions could effect the ignition & not allow the key to turn. Any of these conditions will cause back pressure on the internal locking mechanism in the key switch. If the tires are bound against an object try to relieve this pressure. 

We handle most makes and manufacturers for keys and lock repair. We specialize in Antique Auto key generation and we carry antique lock parts. If you do not see your automobiles make here, please contact us. 



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